AStewart Graphics Photo & Video is a husband and wife team. We are based out of Tampa, Fl but we travel all over the USA and other countries for weddings, events and more. We would be honored to capture your special moments and create memories for you that will last a life time. We capture everything from weddings, engagements, family photos and more. We have a Clean and Traditional Style of Photography with some Dark and Moody components throw in during editing. We try to capture a mixture of candid & posed shots! Without disturbing (or as little as possible), we move around to get the best shots! We love natural light & try to emphasize that by using as little flash as possible, until necessary. We are a fully Licensed & Insured company and we are booking weddings and events for 2021, 2022 and even 2023 already. We offer 2hr Packages to Multiple Day Wedding Packages. If you are booking photography and videography together they do have to be booked for the same amount of time.

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Below meet our talented owners. They are both full time professional photographers and videographers. You will have one or both of these talented individuals capturing your Photos and Videos. We are lucky to have many more photographers and videographers on our team with even more back ups available. 

Meet the Owner's

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  • Email:
  • Main Business Phone Number (727) 742-5340
  • Amy - Owner/Lead Photographer (727) 742-5340
  • Richard - Lead Videographer (727) 564-2083

Hi, I am Amy

My Passion Is Photography & Capturing Weddings Are The Best!

I have been a photographer all my life but professionally since 2010 and full-time since 2015. Back in 2006 I went to college for photography and design. I started out capturing kids sports photos, low light band photos and outdoor family photos, then after a year or two I started to focus on weddings. It never feels like I’m working when I’m taking photos plus I have the benefit of getting to work with my husband, Richard. I like meeting or chatting with my clients before their wedding or event, it allows me to capture their personalities & love for each other more. I love being able to get creative with my work. When taking photos I’ll look at things/scenery and I immediately start thinking of how this will look in my photo. I do look forward to meeting you both & making your wedding day magical.

AStewart Graphics Photography and Videography

Hi, I am Richard

I am an Audio/Video Engineer and a photographer.

I’ve been doing audio and video production since 2005 and photography since 2017. I started small in my parents house and right after graduating high school, was able to open up 1st facility in Clearwater, FL. I have worked on various projects, some include Adidas, Under Armour, the TV show the Gospel Voice and Vespa commercials. Weddings have been a main focus of mine for the last couple years and I am enjoying every minute of it. Plus now I get to work with my wife, Amy.

AStewart Graphics Photography and Videography

Behind The Scenes Video Working a Wedding at the Big Cat Rescue